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Did Maurizio Sarri Start A Sparkle🌋?
Source Its crystal clear that Chelsea's manager Maurizio Sarri has questioned and doubted his players mental ability after they lost 2-0 to their London rival Arsenal during their weekend encounter. It was a huge blow to the club as their top four aim has loosened its grip the more, leaving them vulnerable to both Arsenal and Manchester united who are on hot pursuit. The situation has caused a better off twisted tongue from the coach towards his players with Eden Hazard as the major discussion thread. However, the Italian boss has recently questioned/doubted the Belgian's capacity of leading the team, thereby stating that he isn't fit for leadership. Though he loves it when the 28 years old forwarder speaks with his feet, which he does best. “He's more of an individual player than a leader, he's very important for us, because he's a great player. He can win a match in two minutes, sometimes one minute. He is one of the best in the world, but at this moment he is not a leader", Sarri said. This are the kind of statements that scares up trouble within the team. Mostly between managers and players. Antonio Conte time with the London club recorded such uproar when the players became upset with his hard line style and training method. However, Sarri as well divulged an ongoing contract negotiations, with rumours of a summer switch to Real Madrid for the Belgian still swirling. Source What Could Be The Reason For Sarri Lashing Out On Hazard? Speaking of been a leader, it isn't proper for coaches to publicly criticize the ability of their players as it may steer up relationship problems. Months back, we all saw how it ended for José Mourinho who claims to be the special one in commands and coercion. His team started playing bad and could only secure a win on rare occasions. My Opinion. Maurizio might be stressed with fear how his team would reposition if the Belgian skipper responds positively to the transfer rumours. We all know Hazard has been a pillar to the success of the club and if he leaves, they are likely to crumble for a while. What if after the early success and continuous Sarriball struggles, he couldn't finish top four. What'll be his fate at the club? The Chelsea forwarder recently rejected his coach's criticisms on Thursday night after he helped the blues secure a spot in the penalty shootout against Tottenham Hotspur. He aims to be a leader whenever he steps into the field of play. He also stated that he doesn't care what the coach thinks or say of him, he just wants to do his best and he's happy doing so. Thinking about this, he has keep form suitable for his transfer to the Galacticos, if eventually he decides. Lastly, With such ability and prowess, I believe the Belgium international needs a move to Real Madrid to strengthen his race for the Balon d'Or just like he has always dreamt of winning the award sometime in the future. Thanks For Reading...