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Jovic or Griezmann: Barca decision
Source: Dailymail Barça is looking forward and the focus is very much on Luka Jovic (21 years old). The Serbian likes a lot for his youth, a profile of 'nine' classic that has burst forcefully in a league as demanding as the German, which is his second top scorer with 15 goals, to which he adds five assists. But in recent weeks the name of Antoine Griezmann has also reappeared in the club's offices. The fact is that this time it has been the Frenchman's environment that has sent to Barça signs that the striker is sorry for his 'no' last summer. At Barça, they have taken note but they are continuing with their work, which is to look for a striker that will be complemented with Luis Suarez next year. And that task is to keep getting information from Jovic. They have a very good opinion of the Serbian after the extensive follow-up carried out this season and they are looking for more a young man than a veteran. You have already contacted your environment and know the conditions in which you could sign.In the case of Griezmann, there was disenchantment last summer and in a way, that bad memory left sequels, especially in the environment of the fans. It hurt his decision, but the club is bound to have a professional look. And nobody in the club disdains Griezmann for quality, goalscoring ability and maturity: tomorrow turns 28 years. Its price on July 1 is closed, 120 million, which for a player of its level is not a barbarity as is the market. RAC1 unveils an appointment by Jovic RAC1 unveiled a summit by Jovic in Milan. It was last week when the Barça dome contacted the surroundings of Jovic in the Lombard capital to show his interest. To this day, the Serbian is a priority option to reinforce the attack. Given his great season already has proposals of equipment of the first row of the Premier and also of the Bayern. Its pricing is assumed: it will not go for less than 60 million euros. But the market sometimes has surprising turns and not without irony. If last summer it was Griezmann who staged his decision to stay at Atlético with a documentary in which, as is well known, Gerard Piqué participated as a producer, now the 'ruling' has changed hands. At this moment it is Barça who is thinking about it and who must make a decision regarding the attacker who will reinforce the 2019-20 squad.