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Mourinho Lambast Critics for Comparism with Rivals
Mourinho was last night lambasted his critics who kept comparing him to coaches like Pep Guardiola and Jurgan Klop who have been doing very fine with their philosophy of football over the years. Jose was last night a commentator in the match which saw Barcelona thrash premier league side Liverpool 3-0 in a game fans and pundit blamed Klopp using a wrong formation the game that they would have given a good fight seeing that were awesome in all area of the pitch. But there was a twist in the discussion during match analysis when one of the commentator quoted Garry Naville about Mourinho football style which he said no club should trust. Jose in a lengthy argument said those that said his style of play was not entertaining and comparing his with Pep and Klop should look at his Chelsea 2004 team who were good in defense, attacking as well as entertaining like wise when he won Barcelona 3-1 with Inter Milan and in their second game needed to defend against the best team in the world. In fact he said nobody two week before the match wouldn’t have given Inter Milan to 3-1 against Barca but they went all out to fight for that goals and in the second leg tried to defend it. Jose argue that the other coaches or rather rival others are comparing him with got everything the y needed at their respective clubs. Klopp got trust and was shown confidence by the Liverpool board and in over 3 years and the half, they are still behind him. The same thing is application to Pep who complained of the four defensive line when we came to Etihad and the club gave him money to get what he wanted. When he got Claudio Bravo, he still let him go the following season for Enderson. Jose concluded that lacks of patient on Manchester Unites board was the reason the club fines itself in this position. Is as much as well all may have our opinion about Mourinho tactical approach but is believe he said the fact because the board didn't give him the needed support and patience needed to reposition the club.