Soccer / uefa champions league

Source The English premier league is getting more interesting as the day goes on with so many controversial issues here and there. Nevertheless I'm enjoying every bit of the game, the suspense, moments of tension and anticipation, the goals, rise and downfall of the powerhouse teams. Saturday's matches became a major scam to bettors. Chelsea lost 1-0 at Stamford bridge to Leicester city (Vardy), AC Milan lost 1-0 to Fiorentina at home too(F.chiesa). Liverpool secured a 2-0 victory over wolves on Friday from Mohammed Salah's and Van Dijk's goals in the first and second half respectively. This made them move four points clear to the top of the table just before Manchester city's hosted crystal palace at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday. All hopes were high that Guardiola's men would keep the pace close enough just like they've always did it but crystal palace threw those expectations into the trash can. The game ended 3-2 in favour of the visitors. Gundogan opened the floor with a goal in the 27 minute for City but the celebration didn't last long as Schlupp levelled the scoreline 6 minutes later and Townsend puts Palace in front two minutes later just before the half time whistle went. Luka Milivojevic extended the lead to 3-1 from the penalty spot. Kelvin De Bruyne's late strike couldn't secure the home side a draw, rather the deficit was reduced to 3-2. Source This should be a great news for Klopp's men as they stay four points clear off the hot pursuit. With half of the season played, Liverpool tops the table this time just like they did in 2008/09 & 2013/14 but failed to clinch the trophy at the end of the season. Hope this campaign would turn out a different story for Klopp and his army. With Liverpool's current form, they seem to be the best contender for the league title with their unbeaten streak in 18 league games. Though, there might be hindrances towards this feat; Weariness Caused By Exertion - Liverpool survived the group stage and made it to the knockout phase of the UEFA champions league race. This will definitely split their attention. Pressure from both leagues will definitely wear down the players involved. To avoid such fatigue, they've got to forgo one for the other. Their best chance is the EPL, so letting the UCL go with create a better chance for them to win the league. Injury - If the team should continue the struggle for both the UCL and EPL, players are exposed to minor/major injuries caused from persistency. This will suddenly lead to a total reformation of the Starting XI. Damages will be caused as the team will definitely fall off from title contenders for major trophies. Is this a season for Liverpool to break the Xmas jinx or will they still continue with the traditional downfall after Xmas? Air your views in the comment box. Thanks For Reading...