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International Friendly: French vs Uruguay Prediction
In this international Friendly match, France will host Uruguay at the Stade de France. This is a meeting after Uruguay lost in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup. Uruguay were unlucky in Russia at that time. Without Cavani being injured, Uruguay were thwarted by France going into the semifinals with a final score of 2-0. Raphael Varane and Antonio Griezmann are two players who each scored for France's victory in the quarter-finals. Thanks to them, France headed for the semi-finals and tamed Belgium until they emerged as champions after defeating Croatia in the Final. Image Source In the UEFA Nations match yesterday the Frenchman was knocked down by the hosts of the Netherlands. France lost 2-0 to the Netherlands. The goal scored by Georginio Wijnaldum in the 44th minute and from the penalty penalty Memphis Depay (90) ensured the Dutch took the lead in that match. On the same day Uruguay were beaten by Brasilia in England in a trial match. Uruguay lost 1-0 by a goal scored by Brazilian star Neymar. Neymar managed to break the goal after the referee awarded a penalty for a violation committed by Diego Laxalt in the penalty box. And Neymar was appointed as the executioner who managed to execute the prize. Image Source Head to head France vs Uruguay In the last five games both teams in all competitions, France only managed to silence Uruguay with a score of 2-0. One defeat 1-0, and three times a goalless draw. It seems that the two teams have the same performance in each meeting. In the last five French matches in all competitions, France won once when they hosted the Netherlands in the UNL match. lost once when meeting the Netherlands at UNL. And three times ended in a draw, when they met Germany 0-0, Iceland 2-2, and Germany 2-2 at UNL. Meanwhile, Uruguay's last five games only managed to win one more time Uruguay was forced to bow down to defeat. Wins when he met Mexico 0-4 at the International Friendly event last week. And lost when entertaining France 2-0, South Korea 2-1, Japan 4-3, and the last defeat by Brazil 1-0 in the international Friendly event. From the results of the analysis and the meeting of the two teams, for this match it seems that both teams have the same performance in the team. In this match for the Uruguayan team there were no absences, not least Cavani and Suarez, they will be idolized in this team. But Les Blues are not just any opponents. Griezmann and friends will be difficult to overcome. My prediction is France 1-1 Uruguay. What about the results of tone analysis related to this match?
Фанаты Лондонского «Арсенала» ликуют после выступления Лукаса Торрейры, против Бразилии.
Полузащитник «Арсенала» Лукас Торрейра показывает свою впечатляющую форму в матче Уругвай - Бразилия. Однако сборная Уругвая все же проиграла со счетом 1: 0 , а Неймар забил единственный гол в игре. Тем не менее, Торрейра заработал множество аплодисментов за игру в Эмиратах. С момента своего трансфера из Сампдории, Торрейра стала играть лучше и оказался на виду у тренера Унай Эмери. Качественная игра "канониров" - это отчасти впечатляющая форма молодого уругвайца. Его присутствие обеспечило уверенность в полузащите лондонского клуба, которой не хватало много лет. В пятницу вечером Торрейра еще раз продемонстрировал свои качества, оказав сильное сопротивление команде Бразилии. В течение 90 минут он делал ряд впечатляющих передач и перехватов.