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Prediction Krasnodar vs Valencia – 15/3/2019 Football Betting Tips
Entering the return period, Krasnodar is giving a significant decline when not winning in the last two rounds, making their 2nd place threatened by CSKA Moscow. Not only that, the defeat in the first leg of Valencia’s visiting trip has also made the chances for the Russian team to go much further. Asian Handicap: 183*0-0.5*2.08 Krasnodar’s past performance is not impressive. They have been continuously up to 6 non-winning games in all competitions – draw 4 lost 2. Although still maintaining the 2nd position in the Russian league table and progress in the Europa League, they obviously must find a way to escape out of the current stagnation. The season has now entered a very critical stage and if you continue playing now, many goals will be out of Krasnodar’s reach. As for Valencia, they are in a period of strong resurrection after the beginning of the struggling season. At this time, there were 14 consecutive games they had not lost – winning 9 and drawing 5 from the end of January until now. Coming back to 7th place in La Liga and continuing to step forward in the European arena – Valencia now can completely save an abandoned season to become relatively impressive achievements. Although it has to be a guest, Bong Doi is still far more appreciated. The biggest weakness of them is that public goods has made great progress on performance with 9 goals achieved in the last 5 games. The gameplay has become much more coherent and effective with the shine of Gameiro or Moreno and especially Parejo as the conductor – they have the right to confidently attack Russia. With a 2-1 win in the first leg, Valencia are somewhat dominant. Even so Krasnodar only needs a win without conceding the net to go on – so both will join in with the mind rushing to attack instead of having to defend. The attractive pair of scenarios is easy to happen in this confrontation. See More : Online Sports Betting Odds Over/Under:2.02*2.5*1.85 The weak defense of the home team will of course be a weakness for Gameiro and his teammates to exploit, while Krasnodar’s attacking goods are also not outstanding. Although playing well in the first leg, Valencia is in the position to decide everything will be more difficult for the home team. Of course, with nothing to lose, Krasnodar will try to rise to look for a goal that hopes to win the quarterfinals after witnessing the comeback in the last Champions League matches. The home market with 2.5 with this situation the match between Krasnodar and Valencia will likely have more than 3 goals when both teams score. This match Over Door is a bad choice. See More : Football Betting Tips Prediction Krasnodar vs Valencia – 15/3/2019 Football Betting Tips First half odd bet:2.14*0*1.75 The homeowner must have a goal will make the match exciting in the first half, goals will soon appear if Krasnodar maintained the spirit as in the first leg. At the end of the first half, it is expected that the score is 1-1. First half odds over/under bet:-0.94*1*0.84 Predicting Lineups: Krasnodar: Safonov, Petrov, Martynovich, Spajic, Ramirez, Gazinskiy, Kabore, Olsson, Wanderson, Claesson, Stotskiy. Valencia: Neto, Piccini, Paulista, Diakhaby, Lato Toni, Soler, Coquelin, Parejo, Guedes, Moreno, Gameiro. Prediction Full Time : Krasnodar 1-2 Valencia (Choose Valencia and Over) See More : Prediction Benfica vs Dinamo Zagre – 15/3/2019 Football Betting Tips