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La Liga Alaves v Valladolid Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The Spanish title is almost decided. Teams would surely have expected things to go this way at the very top of the league as the most popular teams retain their positions. While this is true, a silent battle threatens to rage until the final day of the season. That is the battle of the relegation. Teams close to the bottom of the league table would be anxious to be saved this season. However, the truth is there must be three teams that would go down and someone must take the fall. When Valladolid face Alves, they would be aware that only a victory would do if they are to climb out of the bottom of the table. It would surely be a feisty encounter indeed. Source Alves Alves would surely not be happy with the way things have gone in recent weeks. From being on the verge of breaking into the top four to falling all the way down to 9th, Alves has definitely had a reality check. They are currently in 9th in the league having amassed 46 points in the league. Getafe who are currently in 5th position is six points ahead of them. Their recent bad form has no doubt contributed to the fall in the table. They have a chance with this game to close the gap a bit especially if other results go their way. Valladolid Valladolid has had a terrible season so far. This can currently be seen by their league position. They are currently in 18th position. They have managed to amass 31 points so far. A win here against Alves could take them up to 14th if other results go their way. A loss here could damage their chances of leaving the relegation zone and could very well condemn them to relegation this season. There is, therefore, no doubt that this match is a defining period for Valladolid this season. A good result could save their skin in the league. Source Form The position of both teams in the league can honestly be explained by the form they are in. For Alves, they have won just one game in their last six matches. The other games have ended in two draws and three losses. There seems to be jo respite for them as they have failed to win a game in the last five matches. A chance to change all that against Valladolid is on the horizon and they would do very well to grab this opportunity. Valladolid has not done so much better in the league and in all competitions. They have won just once in six games. The remaining matches have resulted in three losses and two draws. The only difference is that they have gone four matches without winning a game. They would be looking forward to stopping this pattern. However, to do this, they would have to clinch a win against Alves. Source The game is set up to be an entertaining affair and it would be fascinating to see who comes out on top. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!