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La Liga Valladolid v Real Madrid Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The Spanish league popular known as La Liga is coming to an end and while Barcelona seems to be the favorites, nothing has been decided yet. As teams struggle to find a way to achieve their dreams, others just cannot afford to lose a game. It is definitely going to be a nervy finish at the end as nothing will be decided until the final day of the season. Valladolid is one team which cannot stop winning at this point. Therefore, as they welcome Real Madrid, this match could prove to be a decider if everything goes wrong for them. Source Real Madrid Real Madrid has had a disaster for a season. The season has really proved to be a roller coaster for them. From losing heavily at the beginning of the season to winning midway to losing at the pivotal season, Real Madrid has shown that they are a team who are confused and scattered. They have lost their title bid, gotten knocked out of the champions league and beaten in the semi-finals by Barcelona. This season is effectively over for them at this point. They would be anxious to at least end the season on a high to get their fans happy once again. They are currently 3rd in the league and they are not looking pretty. They have to start winning to please their unhappy fans. Valladolid Despite Real Madrid problems, Valladolid is right at the other end of the day. The struggle to stay in the league is real and most teams will keep on fighting until the last day. This looks to be the fate of Valladolid as they just cannot seem to put some daylight between them and the teams above them. They are currently 16th in the league so far has managed to amass about 26 points during this period. A loss against Real Madrid could see them drop into the relegation if results do not go their way. They would this be desperate to win this game. However, playing against Real Madrid is never an easy task. Source Form The form of both teams might also play a part in deciding how this game would go. Valladolid is in a mess when it comes to their form. They have only managed to win one of those games. The rest have all ended in four losses and a single draw. Valladolid would have to change this ongoing trend as soon as possible. Real Madrid’s form is not any better than their opponents which is shocking considering their high standards. Real Madrid has managed to win two games out of their last six. The remaining matches have ended in four losses. It is simply shocking to see how far Real Madrid has fallen. The sad thing is the fact that they are currently on a three-match losing streak. The match against Valladolid would provide them with the perfect opportunity to change that. Source This match is crucial to the success of both teams. May the best team win when they meet. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!