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The inexplicable depression of Coutinho
Phillipe Coutinho The Brazilian remained unconvinced against Girona. Marró two clear occasions and did not bring joy to the game azulgrana with his football. Much has changed things for Philippe Coutinho since his signing a year ago for Barcelona. If the Brazilian made his first great Barça match against Girona at Camp Nou, the same rival, but in Montilivi, he undressed all his miseries one year later. It is not that the ex-Liverpool has forgotten to play, because he does many things with judgment and has not lost an iota of his exceptional technical quality. But the sadness with which he plays worries and even infects his companions. Girona-Barça did not serve to redeem Coutinho. Soon, in the first part, he had a one-on-one with Bono after a lavish Messi pass in which he decided badly. He looked for the short stick and ran into the Moroccan goalkeeper, who did not move much and covered with success. The rest of his first part was not in accordance with what is expected of him. He was much more cautious than in Seville with the losses, but he did not contribute too much to improve the offensive Barça game. His best action was a wall with Messi in which the Argentine did everything, which was cut in extremis by Alcalá and with the rosarino stepping on the small area. After the break, he returned to see the sad version of the former player 'red'. Little participation, flat game ... and a new hand in hand failed at the end, this time after dribbling without much faith to Bono. Before, the Brazilian was not able to finish a clear ball at the far post that then pardoned Messi second before the goalkeeper of Girona, which was his other great opportunity in the game. In short, a new lost opportunity for the recovery of a player who cares more for the sensations he transmits than because he does not really contribute with his football.