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Van Dijk is said to deserve to be the best Premier League player this season
Van Dijk Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson revealed he fully supported that his team mate Van Dijk, who is also a defender at Liverpool, was said to deserve this season's PFA player of the Year award. Although he dominated the position as a central defender for Liverpool, but for Robertson, the Dutchman deserved to be one of the best premier league players this season. PFA player is a type of annual award given to players who are rated as the best players of the season in the premier league event. The winner is chosen by voting from members of their own Players, trade unions or players. Last season, the annual award was owned by Mohammed Salah, who is also a Liverpool striker. The annual award is more dominated by attackers who steal the attention of fans and other players. Jhon Terry is one of the last defenders to get the award. That was the reason according to Robertson, that Van Dijk, his teammate was very much worthy of being the best player for this season. Since Van Dijk joined Liverpool, he has strengthened the back line and has never been replaced in every squad. He is a type of captain who has high discipline. "If this season is over, I will give the award personally to Van Dijk," said Robertson. As reported by sky sports. However, Robertson believed that Van Dijk would not be focused on the annual award. But he is more focused on making clups more focused and consistent in every match. Until getting a victory one by one to bring the Klup won the title.

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