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VAR Is Creating It's Own Problems In Football
image Video Assistant Referee (VAR) I remember vividly when the issue of VAR was a top debate in the football world in general last year when the new technology was about to be introduced to the English Premier League from next season. Most people both in voice and post took different views of the technology in the sport and I can recall very well stating in one of my posts on scorum that human error is part of sport and life, and such can never be eliminated entirely. I also noted that, so long that Video Assistant Referee is operated by human and decision taken by the central referee, error cannot be erased 100%. There is doubt that the VAR system has really help referees in some matches take good decision for the interest of the game but the major reason why the idea was introduced still lingers much more like before it. In fact, VAR on its own has created controversies which error can be attributed not only to human error but plane bias by the referee. Does it mean different VAR has different applications or Different referees have different rules that makes the decisions taken a match to be quite opposite by the decision taken in another in the same league or tournament. Consistency of Use Initially the technology was streamed line only to be used cases of wrong calls on goals, penalty and red cards but we are witnessing a situation when VAR is used almost in every purported error. Most coaches has used this to gain a 50% advantage to see if the referee with change an obvious good call and few at times got the referee goofing. Currently, there is no where and when the system is applied. Offside, goal, red cards, hand ball and what have you. The picture below is a case scenario of Cameroonian ladies protesting the decision of the central referee in their game against England in round of 16 games yesterday. Even though referees should not be swelled by emotional display but VAR is bringing the emotional side of the game as fans where seen not happy with the decision. image Creating more Argument Judging by some of the decisions taken so far in the ongoing FIFA U19 Women World Cup, a couple of them have been too bad of a decision that meets the eyes. A lot of countries have cried foul on the use of VAR like Nigeria versus France game yesterday we saw England versus Cameroon match causing their own controversies. Tottenham coach Pochettino had in their in their game against Manchester City in the Champions league quarter final first leg fumed about a controversial penalty awarded to Manchester City after VAR review which was a bad call. Conclusion The EPL being the most watched and followed league in the world will start in few months time. The strength and weakness of VAR will be in full glare of the public and a system which supposes to end argument is going to cause more argument. I strongly believe human error is part of life. So long as human activities is being supervisor by whatever even technology and the final decision still rest on humans, mistake can never be eliminated going by referee state of mind like emotion or duress which can’t be determined at the point of decision making.