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My football wishes for 2019
@emiliosansoliniA new year has begun. 2018 has been left behind with many memorable memories for football fans that gave way to this 2019 that promises to be full of emotions. In Venezuela there is a tradition called "the 12 grapes". It consists that when 12am arrive on January 1 each person must eat twelve grapes corresponding to the twelve strokes of the new year and make a wish for each one. I think this is a good time to bring this tradition to Scorum to start this year 2019 in the best way. Normally desires can be related to anything like world peace, but that can wait. I will use my desires in what really fascinates me, for what I live and die: football. And although tradition dictates that desires must be twelve, I will only ask for five so as not to abuse the goodness of the football gods. Next I will share with all of you my 5 football wishes for 2019. Venezuela National Team I wish my Vinotinto to be a semifinalist of the Copa América. In this 2019 we are on the eve of a new Copa América, the most important tournament of the continent, which will be celebrated this time in Brazil. I hope that my Venezuela can play a great role in the tournament by reaching these final instances and emulating what was done in the Copa América Argentina 2011, where we are left with the 4th place. This, more than a wish, is a conviction that I have. I know that this team led by Dudamel has everything to give the bell in Brazil and mark the beginning of the path that will inevitably take us to our first World Cup in Qatar 2022 and will give joy to all the Venezuelan people who so need it at this time. Real MadridI wish a revolution in Madrid. This is one of the desires that I crave with more fervor because it is the most necessary of all. It is impossible to hide the very poor season that the white team is living and everything seems to indicate that in the beginning of 2019 this situation will not change too much. It would be absolutely great if Real Madrid did not go blank this season without a title, until the Copa del Rey would be good. But if you need a "Nadaplete" for the revolution to arrive, welcome. I hope that this revolution arrives in summer headed by a new coach that will give back hope to the team and galactic signings that make us forget our sorrows and fill the fans with enthusiasm. I expect a total restructuring, that the necessary and inevitable generational change will arrive. I want to get to August and not see Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Isco dressed again in white as a kind of burden with which you have to die. In addition, if emblematic players of the club like Marcelo, Modric or Toni Kroos feel that they completed their cycle in Madrid; that they can leave in an elegant way and the way their legends deserve it. I wish and hope for a new Real Madrid in the summer of 2019 that can rise from its ashes as Phoenix to fly back to the top as we are used to, even if we have to immolate ourselves alive to achieve it. Zulia FC I wish my Zulia FC to have a good performance in CONMEBOL Sudamericana. I am a loyal fan of Zulia FC, the team of my region. Last year they won crowns of the Copa Venezuela, which assured them a place at the CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2019. Despite not having bombastic names on the squad and having lost some of the best players on the team, I hope they can advance phase in this tournament and reach significant instances. I do not ask for anything in the final or semifinals; but to reach the Quarterfinals would be an achievement and something dreamed, since there are few Venezuelan teams that have reached these instances in this type of international competitions. Cristiano RonaldoI wish that Juventus win the UEFA Champions League. Well, here I have to clarify. More than wanting to be won by Juventus, I want that Cristiano Ronaldo win the Champions League. Of course, by extension this would mean that Juventus win it, but it does not matter. The poor Bianconeri fanatics had to be reversed at some time. Maybe it sounds incoherent that I, as a Madridista, want another team to win the Champions League, but in this case it is necessary. In this way the already immense legend of Cristiano Ronaldo in football will be made even bigger by not only being the top scorer of the UEFA Champions League, but by winning his 6th Champions with three different teams and 4th consecutive. I want the whole world to be clear that Cristiano Ronaldo is "Mr. Champions"; the best player in the history of the most important club tournament in the world. I am already tired of wanting to always sully his figure, so he will make clear how important he was in that glorious stage of Real Madrid and confirm that he will remain that player who makes the difference wherever he goes. Chelsea FC I wish Chelsea to go up and win the Premier League. Chelsea is a team for which I have always felt affinity and I want them to be crowned this year because I like the work that Sarri has done with the team so far. In addition, I want three champions to be crowned champions that I love, such as Hazard, Kanté and Jorginho, who are each having a great season and so they would recognize it. Of course, this seems difficult if Morata and Giroud continue to conspire so that this does not happen, but I do not lose hope and would be very happy if the gods of football pleased me with this and the rest of my footballing wishes for 2019. These are my football wishes for this year 2019 that has started with everything. I invite all members of the community to share their sports wishes for this 2019 using #wishlist2019.