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Messi is still very lonely in Argentina
Source: Sopitas The Albiceleste lost to Venezuela on the day of the return of Messi who played the entire game Rondon, Murillo and Josef Martinez, from the penalty spot, scored for Venezuela and Lautaro Martinez for ArgentinaThe return of Messi to the Argentina team did not have the expected end either by Leo or by any of the Argentines who were waiting for the return of the prodigal son to celebrate in style with a victory against Venezuela. The vinotinto did want the party but his not the one of the Argentina of Messi and, in the end, they were those that celebrated by the stop the triumph. Messi did fulfill his role of being the leader of the Albiceleste, but once again and there are many, he is alone, very lonely. It is true that many of his figures, such as Kun or Di María, were missing in the Albiceleste but the feeling he left was a very weak team that was never at the level of a Messi who ended up desperate.Leo's desperation began in the fifth minute with Rondón's 0-1 for Venezuela. With a long pass, the vinotinto had left in evidence all the defensive system of Scaloni that tried to rectify happening to a rear of four, but neither by those. Each against Venezuela was a danger for the goal of Armani who avoided 0-2 in the minute 29. Just there, Messi decided that he was fine. Until that moment he had appeared little, acting behind the spikes but on the half-hour, he took out his jar of the essence and in just 10 minutes he generated two clear goal chances for Argentina. The first with a center that headed Lautaro and stopped Faíñez and the second, with a shot that also took the goal from Venezuela. Until the appearance of Messi, Argentina had done little or nothing against a Venezuela closed well behind and creating much danger to the counter. However, the 0-2 came from a rogue play. Missing fast with Argentina clueless and tremendous shot from Murillo to beat Armani in the minute 44 and go to the dressing room with that 0-2 on the scoreboard. Scaloni moved in the break and Argentina came out with more mordant and danger up after the break. The push Albiceleste with Messi always as a reference for his teammates noticed Venezuela that saw as in the 60th minute with the 1- 2 of Lautaro Martinez to culminate a counter initiated by Messi. There, Argentina squeezed more and more while Venezuela tried to calm the duel with the ball and create danger against. The second did, the first not because he lost balls constantly and that caused the Albicelestes occasions. Argentina's hopes ended in minute 75 with the penalty 1-3 scored by Josef Martinez and that he had caused. Argentina looked for the comeback until the end, but it was not the night of the happy ending for a Messi who ended up playing the 90 minutes.See the highlights from here Youtube: GOLAZO TV