Soccer / victory day

HISTORY! Vice-champion of Europe on its knees, Red Star's greatest victory after Bari!
The last-season finalist of the Champions League powerless at "Marakana", Red Star win of the most beautiful dreams! Red Star has blown out the mouths of all critics tonight after two convincing defeats in the previous two rounds and a historic win over Liverpool 2-0 in the fourth round of Group C, before about 50,000 spectators at Marakana, became the first Serbian club to be able to win the group phase of the Champions League! Milan Pavkov is a double shooter, his great merits, but the entire team led by Vladan Milojević tonight fascinated Europe and made it possible for Red Star to have a new European spring this season! Like on Ainfield, Red Star bravely entered the match, but unlike the previous duo, when she suffered a drop in the game after about twenty minutes and then was severely punished, Milojević's players pulled out perfectly for 90 minutes They were rewarded with a historic triumph. The first danger to the Liverpool goal was seen in the ninth minute, when Marin had a lot of free space on the left side, he entered the penalty area, shocked, but not strong enough and right in Alison. However, it was the announcement of Red Star's pressure in the next few minutes. Red and white were caught by a couple of cornerers, and after 15 minutes, Vujadin Savić was kicking the ball and sent the ball past the left posture. Liverpool returned two minutes later, it was a great opportunity for Daniel Staridge, after the center-left on the left, and the Liverpool striker was completely unimpeded by some 14 yards, badly done it, the ball ended over the goal. Then in the 20th minute there was a new danger for the goal of the Red Star, again Staridge, this time on the left-hand side, but the ball hooked Filip Stojković and finished in the corner. Just minutes later, Ben was in the lead, Alison defended, the ball went into the corner, which Marin brilliantly carried out, and even better reacted by Milan Pavkov in the penalty area. The Red Star striker was the highest in the jump, Alison is powerless - 1: 0 for the Red Star! Delirium on the stands! Already in the 26th minute, new opportunity for Ben, and again brought the corner, but this time Marko Marin received the ball from the corner, nothing of the replay of the leading goal. And then, three minutes later, a new slap for guests directed by Milan Pavkov. And that's what! He took the ball over 20 yards from the goal, saw the shot, he made it phenomenal for the Red Star lead of 2: 0! Evrogoal! Liverpool returned in 33 minutes over Lalana, again Filip Stojković saved the goal with a timely intervention! No guests were able to do the half-time, so Jürgen Klopp reacted with a double change - Alexander-Arnold replaced Gomez, and instead of Staridge, Firmino was on the court. And just as it started the second half, in the 46th minute Marin shot from 13-14 meters, the ball hits Milner in hand, but Lahoz does not announce! Liverpool had a crossbar after center-left Robertson on the left, when the ball caught one of Red Star's players and at that point Filip Stojkovic complained of injury and could not continue his match. His place was taken by Marko Gobeljić. In the 64th minute, Čaušić replaced Marko Marin, who was not ready enough after a recent injury recovery. In the 70th minute, Salah shot off a great 18 meters under the crossbar, but Borjan even better intervened. There followed the corner after which the guests again threatened, again through Salah, this time the ball has frozen the tripod. Five minutes later, Red Star had a dangerous counter, but the red and whites flopped in the end, the ball was hit for Srnić and the opportunity failed. We looked at the end of Liverpool pressure, but it was a bad one. A few more dangerous situations were successfully solved by brilliant Milan Borjan, and the Red Star has endured despite the problem with the injury that had reservist Čaušić. It seemed that the guests had no solution; everyone was barely waiting for the last whistle of Judge Lahoz to begin the historic celebration at Marakana. Let's add that the Red Star players were wearing Natalia's ramoney tonight, and Jurgen Klopp was delighted with this evening tonight. Red Star: Borjan, Stojkovic (58. Gobeljić), Degenek, Savić, Rodić, Jovančić, Krstičič (73. Jovičić), Marin (from 64. Čaušić), Ben, Srnić, Pavkov. Liverpool: Alison, Aleksander-Arnold (from 46. Gomez), Van Dyck, Matip, Robertson, Milner, Lalana (79. Origi), Weindalum, Mane, Salah, Staridge (from 46. Firmino).

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