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Chelsea FC Eyes West-Ham's Frontman, Declan Rice
Hello, Goodday to you all, I would start by saying that it's really a privilege for me to continue blogging on this platform. If you have noticed closely, it's been quite a while I posted anything on my blog here that's basically because of some personal issues I wouldn't like to share openly. At least I'm happy that I am now able to continue this journey here on scorum. Now back to the matter, in this new week, we have seen a lot happening in the football industry. I would just like to share with us the most recent Gist. Chelsea FC, having seen the good performance and appearance of West-Ham's midfielder, Declan Rice, has developed an interest in him. Currently playing for the Hammers as one of the most-lucrative midfielders they 've ever had in their lifetime. West-ham, however is scared that the midfielder may leave them on a free transfer. History had it that Rice had played for Chelsea's Academy for 7 good years before leaving to join Westham at the age of 14. Having seen his improvement with the current team, they decided to extend the deal with the star player to 2020, promising to increase his weekly earnings to £20,000 but he refused the offer. Recent news also had it that his former club, Chelsea are still willing and eager to pay Rice £40,000 weekly if he agrees on the deal to play for his former club. However, West Ham managerial team reveals that if Rice insist to be persistent in signing a new deal with the club, they would consider selling him rather than letting him go on a free transfer.

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