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Beauty and the Beast: Top-5 Ugliest Football Players and Their Beautiful Wives
The world famous football players are not just fantastic sportsmen. They are also celebrities and symbols of masculinity. Such stars as Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham have always made football popular among women. But it is worth saying that not all footballers have a chance to boast of an ideal appearance. However it doesn’t prevent them from being married to real beauties. Here is top-5 ugliest footballers and their beautiful wives who daily attract the attention of the press. Luka Modric The Croatian national team captain and Real Madrid midfielder can truly consolidate the title of a happy father. In May 2010 he got married to the beauty Vanya Bosnich and now the couple has three charming children. The sportsman got lucky with a beautiful wife. She is a bit higher than the football player (several centimeters), she is all-shaped and has a healthy skin. And it is not the case with Luka. He has a big nose, close-set eyes, a large forehead and a frail physique. Angel Di Maria Argentinian midfielder regularly gets into the national team squad and plays for the top European football clubs. He also has succeeded in his romantic life. In 2011 he got married to the incomparable Jorgeine Cardoso. A couple of years later their daughter was born. Huge ears, sharp chin and potato nose - this is all Di Maria. His wife attracts with an elegant choice of evening dresses, a nice figure and a pretty face. Pepe The Portuguese defender is known for his provocative actions on the field. He is famous for his frequent unsporting behavior and unjustified aggression during matches. Pepe is married to Ana Sofia Moreira. She is a surgeon and a fantastic woman at the same time. A model appearance make her look so beautiful. And Pepe has nothing but a small round face, little nose and disproportionate cheekbones. Axel Witsel The Belgian midfielder was actually born in Liège, the capital of the Belgian province of Liège. During his football career for the Russian club Zenit (in 2015) the footballer got married to the beauty Rafaelle Sabo-Witsel. The family now lives in Dortmund and has two children. The footballer’s appearance suffers form his large teeth, old-fashioned curly hair and lop-ears. Héctor Herrera Mexican midfielder was lucky to become a member of the Olympic football tournament in 2012 and won it. There is a big chance to assume that he was inspired to the fantastic sports achievements by his fantastic wife Chantal Mato. The girl has a chic figure, magnificent hair and so charming face. However her husband is deprived of any charming features. He is short, lop-eared and has a curved jaw. It is difficult enough to find out what women pay attention to choosing the husbands among footballers. Some of them are blindly in love with this exciting sport while others don’t wait for models and are simply looking for their own happiness.