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Klop explained why Shaqiri will not play in Belgrade: We are Liverpool, politics is not interested in us!
The English giant Liverpool tomorrow will be in the "hell" of "Rajko Mitic", where he will clash with former European champion Crvena Zvezda, who after a break of 26 years is again part of the Champions League. Jürgen Klopp has already set up passengers for Belgrade, and among them there was no place for the new reinforcements, Dzherdan Shaqiri, who certainly "was greeted" by Serbian fans. At the fantastic stadium in Belgrade we go as a football team, play football. We know what kind of welcome we will have if Shakiri was in the composition, so we decided to travel without him. Liverpool is a great club and we do not want to put politics in front of the game. We want to play attractive football, free from everything else. Dzardan is a great professional, he is respected here and will carry the shirt of this club in the future, but he will not be on Tuesday, "said the German strategist. The reason for this decision by the English club is undoubtedly due to the sentencing of Shaqiri to Serbian fans at the World Cup in Russia between Switzerland and Serbia. Serbs "dressed" Shaqiri: Why are not you coming? Are you afraid? (PHOTO) Red Star on Marakana tomorrow welcomes Liverpool within the Champions League, and today the English giant announced the players it will be hosting in Serbia. The list does not include Dzherdan Shaqiri, who previously provoked Serbian fans, so they were preparing him hell, but that will not happen. Liverpool coach Jürgen Klop decided not to take Shaqiri to Belgrade with him in order to avoid unnecessary incidents. Otherwise, this information was barely welcomed by the Serbian media who "swung" the Swiss representative. Marin: Should You Attack Liverpool? It's death Marco Marin is convinced that Crvena Zvezda will play a different match against Liverpool than Enfield, when Reds celebrated 4-0. "We are all happy, especially I know it in the Champions League. To play Maracana is a special feeling. We know what he does not expect, we played in Liverpool and expect a different match. We will do our best to make the outcome differently, "said Marin and added:"Liverpool's attack is death. It does not do Arsenal either, because there is a quick counter. We are not so naive, we will have a mix that coach Milojevic will set. " The match between Red Star and Liverpool will be played tomorrow at the stadium "Rajko Mitic" starting at 18:55.