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Who will lead the Man United after Mourinho
Tuesday’s main question - a Frenchman from Madrid or an Italian from London? Firstly, it is crucial for the Italian to carry out normal training, prepare the team for a new tactic and build relationships in the locker room. Both in Juve, and in the national team of Italy, and in Chelsea, he had several pre-season weeks (sometimes months) to irradiate the players with his philosophy. This is the secret of all the titles of Conte - he bothers hard on schemes, rivals, and competent rotation. It is doubtful that this approach will work in super-tight periods, when the Man United must miraculously raise to the four of the Premier League and the eight of the best Champions League. The second reason not to put Antonio is his character. In fact, he is just as shopaholic as José - hence, his way in the big club of the Premier League will inevitably end with excuses in the spirit of “The management is guilty: the rest of the grandees have increased, but the players have not bought me.” This is a utopia - it is obvious that after a series of insane spending, the "devils" will manage the cash much more accurately. That is why Manchester needs to sign Zidane as soon as possible. He is calm, charismatic and undemanding in terms of transfers - Real Madrid almost did not reach the wallet, while Zinedine was the main one. The Frenchman has the experience of saving a monstrous season: in 2016, Zizou came to the drowned Real and four months later moored at the Bernabeu Champions Cup. Another detail in favor of Zidane is the question of Paul Pogba: it seems that only a figure of the scale of Zinedine can organize a respawn for one of the most expensive midfielders in the world. Mourinho preferred to clash, and Zizou would cooperate - this is a huge difference between the coaches. What will Conte do with Paul? Generally incomprehensible. But it is clear that for Pogba Zidane is an idol and authority, and the Italian is just a coach. Of course, the miracle will not happen, and Man United is unlikely to finish higher than fifth place. But this season can also be saved through the Champions League - there are also much more achievements for Zidane than for Conte. So the choice is clear - Zizou, welcome to the Premier League.

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