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The sins of Madrid since the return of Zidane
Source: lthelocalpZidane has already managed three games since taking the reins of the team for just under a month. The excitement and enthusiasm that awakened his arrival in the ranks of Real Madrid (as if the terrible season never had) have been completely diluted waiting for the club to begin the long-awaited remodeling of the squad. With the team in ruins and Vinicius injured, the fans only have to wait for the works (and not the new Bernabéu ) to begin for the next season. Three games against Celta, Huesca, and Valencia have been enough to prove that there is no "Zidane effect" that can remedy the white crisis. The centers to the area as a resource and speech The French coach spoke after the victory against Celta (2-0) that the team should insist on sending the area. "What I liked the most is that we had more than 20 centers and we are inside, we reached the auction," said Zidane, adding that "when you focus, you have more chances to score." The numbers indicate that of the six goals scored by Madrid with Zidane, four have come through centers. The 1-0 against Celta of Isco, the 1-0 of Isco to the Huesca, the 2-1 Ceballos to Huesca and 2-1 Benzema to Valencia at the exit of a corner. The white team, urged by Zidane, has thrown 61 centers in three matches, with an average of more than 20 sends to the area per game. The absence of Vinicius, the factor of greater individual imbalance that Madrid has, has forced the team to search the area without intermediaries. The problem is that, without a pure auctioneer, the area is depopulated and, as in Mestalla, the centers do not find auctioneer or are easy prey for the rival behind. No idea or game philosophy The transfer of coaches who have gone through the bench of the Bernabéu has created tactical chaos in the team, lost and unrecognizable after trying to adapt to the methodology of three coaches with antagonistic ideas. It is not necessary to attribute the defeat in Mestalla exclusively to Zidane, as he has barely had time to raise his players morally and football, but the Frenchman did not hit the key and the tactical duel was clearly taken by Marcelino. No motivation Without title options, the only motivation of the players is to perform as well as possible to convince Zidane to be part of the club's next project. The French, meanwhile, has used all available players (Vinicius, Courtois, and Carvajal are injured) with the exception of Vallejo and Reguilón. The left-back, displaced by Marcelo, will return to eleven tomorrow against Eibar because the Brazilian is sanctioned. The absence of challenges and stimuli has been a hindrance for the team, surpassed in the Bernabéu by bottom side Huesca during many phases and overflowed by a Valencia that played his aspirations to reach the positions of Champions. The Old Guard, like the New Zidane debuted on his return by using players insulted by Solari. Isco, Marcelo, and Navas returned to eleven and scored at a good level. The Malagueño scored the goal (also opened the can against Huesca) and the Brazilian signed an assist. In Mestalla, the French coach took his most recognizable team, whose core is formed by Casemiro, Kroos, and Modric. Neither for those the Madrid improved but on the contrary, evidencing that the veterans have not been up to the task. The same has happened with Bale, Varane or Marcelo. Llorente, Odriozola or Ceballos, the new wise, yes that has tried to reveal itself before the bad moment of the equipment but, except the lateral one, they have not had continuity.