Arlota Ciganda signed a second round of 65 shots in the Pure Silk Championship, which has placed him at the forefront of the LPGA tournament, which is being held in Williamsburg, Virginia, in search of his third victory in the great circuit after the two harvests in 2016. The Navarrese player plugged in four birdies and an eagle and rallied from the twenty-ninth position with which she had closed her lap on Thursday until the fourth, at a single stroke of the trio of leaders formed by the Americans Concolino and Song, and the British Law. .

"It's been good for me to rest these last two weeks in Spain," Carlota said at the end, still with the smile of having made a birdie on the 18th hole. "I really wanted to play again, although it is true that I needed a bit of balance, practice other sports, such as paddle tennis, train a little. "The hot moment of his return was the eagle achieved on the 15th hole from the outside. "I fell short of the green on the second shot and made a good chip from 15 meters," he acknowledged. "I had a bit of luck, maybe I was a bit strong, but it touched the flag and it came in." These weeks outside the circuit have also been used by Ciganda to make contact with the Charleston field where the US Open will be played, the second great course, which is held next week.