Although the rapid golf analysis dictates that Brooks Koepka, number 1 of the ranking, is the new world reference, the PGA Tour, the most important circuit on the planet exhibits the democracy of this sport. Since the beginning of the year - the course was done before, in October - no golfer has been able to repeat a victory. The last to arrive, the one that makes the twenty-third - twenty-fourth if it is considered that Zurich won Rahm and Palmer because it was in pairs - was Kevin Na, who was awarded the Charles Schwab Challenge, which professionals call the Colonial .

Na, born in Korea but with a US passport, added his third victory in the PGA Tour, the most important, no doubt, after maintaining the advantage he had won in the third day, a leader he held with six birdies and two bogeys, a round of 66. Although, undoubtedly, his return of 62 strokes of the second round was the one that decided the tournament. The champion, in addition to the check and the prize, took a 1973 Dodge.