This will be a weird post but which ones aren't? Today I took our Whippet to the dog park that has a run in it and all I can say is........WOW! I personally do not like animal racing but there are groups who do it as a social gathering to let the dogs just play and run around a field together. It's funny there are two tribes of Sports Dogs I see. The ones with sight hound mixes and sight hounds like Whippets and Greyhounds (all I've met are rescued /adopted/retired from the racing world which is a dying sport).........and Border Collies. It's funny to see our skinny pups just run around then plop in our laps and the Border Collie people who look at us with disdain because our dogs are faster! :P

Don't wait for other people to number themselves , FIRST COME FIRST MARKED, gotta follow the 2 rules below ........ Since paying attention to spots and numbering seems to just be too darned hard, is first come first served!

Wikipedia Commons/ Batoni....Whippet

With that outta the way, it is time for another rainstorm. This round is featuring Witness Wave Your Flags... @julienbh as the SCR matcher! The first 13 people to leave a FULL SENTENCE AND NUMBER THEIR SPOT will get a slice of HALF this post payout in LIQUID SCR in which the amount will be matched by @julienbh. Your account must be in good standing with us so no plagiarists, trolls should bother to apply. This round it does not matter if you've won before as it's wide open to all so.....LET IT RAIN! PUMP IT UP< THE MORE YOU SUPPORT THIS THEN THE MORE THE PIE IS!!!! SO, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED. A special thanks again to WaveYourFlags Witness for being generous and if you are looking for someone great to vote for, he's a winner!

Together we can have fun and build an ecosystem where lots of cool things are going on. I appreciate the support given and hope that we continue on in a positive direction.