What about our friends who are overly happy to see in the house, on the streets and in the parks that are part of our life, have more knowledge about the dogs? Let's get to know some of the most loyal friends

Newfoundland dogs have curled feet and these feet have a water-resistant feather 

Paul McCartney added a special whistling sound to the end of a song for his own shepherd's dog to be entertained. Song; "The Beatles - A Day in the Life"

An adult dog has 48 females, a small dog has 24 females

Dogs chase their tails due to predatory instinct, curiosity, exercise or fleas. If your dog is doing this, contact the veterinarian.

Dalmaçyalılar bembeyaz doğarlar

Dogs are like people. Sleep falls slowly and eye movements are fast.

Dogs can see in the dark

Large dogs are 60-100 times per minute heart rate, while small numbers are 100-140.

According to the survey, dogs may feel that the storm is breaking away. So they have the ability to predict

Dog's body temperature is between 102.5 - 101 degrees. It prevents coldness in cold weather

Dogs sweat with their pats.

 All dogs have 3 eyelids. Three of these covers appear.

The greatest dog lovers are known as Americans.

According to recent research, 45% of the dogs love to sleep in the owner's bed.

The dogs have 1,700 taste buds.

It is supposed to be a legend that the dogs are color-blind. It is thought that dogs see other colors first.

Dogs have very good ears with 8,000Hz.

The dogs using the majority of the ear muscles can move them comfortably.

When dogs are asleep, they usually twist and are a centuries-old instinct to keep these bellies warm and protect them from hunters.

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