Host Germany against World Champion France

The game promised a lot. But as in the match against Russia before, in the end the German team didn't really feel like celebrating. After a fiery performance in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, both teams parted with a 25:25 result.

But at least they didn't lose and reached the minimum goal of entering the main round. This is probably the best way to sum up the atmosphere.

The scenario at the end of the game was almost the same as the previous day, because again it was a bad pass which allowed the opponent to equalize. This time it was Fabian Böhm who threw the ball out instead to Uwe Gensheimer. After that, everyone pushed and shoved their opponents around a little and then the referees decided to give France a free throw. And in the very last seconds of the game it was the Frenchman Timothey N'Guessa, jumped highest and from the distance of nine meters threw the ball over the German block and scored the very last goal, which was of course only cheered on by the guests.

Timothey N'Guessa - Photographer: Armin Kübelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

The host from Germany could claim the first half of the game for themselves, it was 7 minutes until world champion France came to their first goal. The German defense was rock- solid at the beginning and the guests despaired several times as soon as they came closer to the German goal. Particularly due to this fierce performance, Germany could go into the break with a 12:10 lead.

Unfortunately, in the second half it looked completely different and the guests from France went off like crazy. Five quick goals turned the game and caused the German coach Prokop to change goalkeeper Andreas Wolff for Silvio Heinevetter. Germany fought their way back into the game and at the beginning of the 59. minute was now 25-23 ahead. The French player Mahé then scored by a seven meter penalty, and actually everything still looked good for the German team. But then came the last thirty seconds and the end is already known.

Missed pass, free-throw and equalizer!

And then the final whistle and like the day before long faces with the hosts and cheering and jubilant guests. But the visitors soon continued to motivate and support the German team. Even though in the last two games against Russia and France it was not enough to win, the German team has so far excited the audience in the preliminary round with great enthusiasm and fight and thrilled the spectators in the stands. The German fans with their frenetic support, however, have a great share in the powerful performance of the host team.

Before the last preliminary round match against Serbia, the German team now has a day of rest, which they could well use after the last two tough games.

In the main round, the cards will be reshuffled and then the German squad around Uwe Gensheimer, who scored four goals against France, will have to prove themselves big time. The opponents will not be decided until the last game of the preliminary round, but one thing is already certain:

It will not be boring!