Hiya chaps - next week the 2019 Handball World Championship will take place in the country this sports has been invented - Germany - but not only here (mainly 1 kilometre from my house actually the Group B plays) in Munich but also in Denmark, another country that always had strong teams in Handball. The event takes place from 10 to 27 January. The International Handball Federation (IHF) gave this tournament for the frist time to two nations - cool and internationally wise decision.

Handball World Championship 2019 (Source)

24 nations will fight for the World Championship title that will be battled in six arenas across Germany and Denmark.

Hamburg arena (Source)


Teams and Groups

Group A (Berlin): Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Serbia, Russia, France

Group B (Munich): Japan, Bahrain, Iceland, Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Iceland

Group C (venue Herning): Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Tunisia, Austria, Norway

Group D (Copenhagen): Sweden, Angola, Egypt, Argentina, Qatar, Hungary

Your Bet?

Fingers crossed the Germans will become World Champion but they re not the top favourites - what do you guys think - who will win?