Sometimes greed and thirst for easy money drowns out the voice of reason and shouts over conscience. The athletes of the Russian youth handball team decided to make money on their own defeats. They "leaked" matches during their performance at the European Championship. It was important for the guys to earn money on the bets.

The essence of the scandal

A month ago, the European Handball Championship was held among youths under 19 years of age. It is important and curious that the Russian national team took 15th place out of 16 participants. That is, the penultimate place. This is a shame not only for the whole of Europe, but for the whole world.

Are the youths so weak that they could not provide adequate resistance to such teams as Germany, Denmark, Norway, Israel and Austria? Moreover, in the match against the Israelis in the first half, the advantage of the Russians was very great.

Reasons for failure

It turns out that 8 players of the national team (there are 16 of them in total) made bets in bookmakers on those matches in which they played themselves. That is, they earned a lot of money from their own defeats. It is important to note that the bets were made not only on win / loss, but also on the number of goals.

All suspected players have now been disqualified and suspended from all existing tournaments. Team coaches can be prosecuted. At the moment, the leadership of the International Handball Federation and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation have been notified.

Half of the national team is suspected

As of today, it is known that Kandybin, Morozov, Gogolev, Frolov, Naidunov, Dmitriev, Ermolin and Kirilenko were dismissed. The country's handball federation has initiated a full-scale, detailed inspection of the incident.

As a result, the FGR Ethics Commission conducted its own investigation. They found that the aforementioned players regularly interacted closely with individuals involved in sports betting. They received information about what kind of match result is preferable. Accordingly, having the necessary data, the players could adjust the result of the meeting to the one that is needed for higher earnings. For example, the same match against Israel.

Now the case has been transferred to law enforcement agencies. An investigation was initiated under Art. 184 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Players face up to 7 years in prison.

FGR President Shishkarev considers this behavior of the guys unacceptable. He called the players traitors to the Motherland. General Director Voronin said that the entire men's handball of the country was affected by the "infection" of sports betting. All experts believe that only a real, honest investigation of the case will help eradicate the betting boom in sports.

In turn, the athletes are not unlocked. They confirm and confess. In their defense, they say that they have little money. They say the clubs pay small salaries. In response to these arguments, Voronin pointed out that the salaries of the players in CSKA and Chekhovskiye Medvedy are such that many players can envy them.

Thus, it turns out that it is greed that pushes people to crime. The proverb says that appetite comes with eating. So here, the more players get, the higher income they need. They want salaries not even in the millions, but in the billions.

Now it remains to closely monitor the development of the situation. Apparently, players should consider their behavior. There will be a lot of time. The terms they face are quite substantial.