On that very good day, Bimo wandered into our compound, from my window I could hear the little door of the fence surrounding our home open. I looked out the window and to my surprise, I saw Bimo marching in with his face on the ground.

I immediately ran out to go check what exactly a young horse was doing in our compound. I stepped out and walked to little Bimo that had already stopped moving and was looking around like an inspector inspecting an incident. I moved closer, he turned to look at me and after that, quietly sat on the grass.

I called Mom, she came out to see poor Bimo looking tired and hungry. She requested I go get him some fruits. I went in came out with them, the expressions on Bimo's face when he saw the fruits were positive. I dropped them for him and he ate. Mom went in to alert the security of a missing baby horse while I sat and joyfully watch Bimo eat.

After a while, a security officer and another man appeared, the man with the security officer appeared to be the owner as he described how a steward left the door open and Bimo seeked adventure and got lost while a race going on. I sadly watched them walk away with him as Mom held me close, trying to console me. The man turned back to thank us and saw me in tears, he perplexingly turned back with Bimo and walked straight to me. He squat and held my two hands saying, "What's it son? You want the horse?" I nodded in response. He said "You are going to have it but in one condition". Amidst tears of joy, I replied, " What condition sir?" He continued, "That you personally bring him to the horse racing camp every weekend until he grows and is fit to run, it would be more fun if you grow as well to be the rider". I joyfully agreed, nodding and responding with " Yes sir" at the same time.

The man smiled and stood up while twisting my hair, he thanked Mom once again and left without Bimo.

A strong bond..(source)

We immediately got to work of building a place of sleep and rest for Bimo, Mom called someone to help with putting it up and I happily helped in anyway possible, I just couldn't believe I could own a horse of my own. After his house had been put up, next was his naming ceremony. I named him Bimo after I learnt the mother was called Himorah and Himo for short.

I and Bimo working out.. (Source)

Every weekend, just like I promised, I would take Bimo to the camp, we grew to like each other very much, we would play on our way to the camp and back. Most times, with the help of Bimo's previous owner, we would engage in tough drills. Secretly, I and Bimo tried out different and risky riding skills at a field, all in preparation for the day I would race with Bimo. Sometimes I come back home with injuries and Mom would threaten to take back Bimo to his owner if I keep coming back with injuries and I would always tell her "What does not kill a man, makes him stronger", a statement that always annoys and amuses her at the same time. I was seriously practicing for the upcoming race with Bimo.

Finally, that day arrived in the summer holidays. I held Bimo as we walked from home all the way to the camp, I was careful not to stress or hurt him in anyway as we would be having the race of our lives. On arriving at the camp, we joined the others in getting ready, I could feel nervousness in most of the racers, some of whom were regular racers. I wondered if they close to their horse as I was with Bimo. If they were, they would be as confident as I am.

On my own part, I had nothing to lose but everything to win. Yes, it was my first time racing with Bimo but I was too confident of winning with the injuries I had incurred after tough practices with Bimo. I actually was racing for fun and I wanted to show the crowd, the crazy skills I learnt that has never been tried.

All eyes on me! (Pxhere)

Everyone got ready and waited for the gunshot, we heard the sound and started out for the finishing point. On the way, I distracted a lot of racers by exhibiting crazy skills, I would raise my legs to sit straight up on Bimo, next I would turn around and face the racer behind me while Bimo raced fast still. They all watched in awe, getting close to the finishing line, I tapped Bimo on the neck, a sign that it is time, he ran faster and left the other racers at his wake, few miles away from the finishing line I release every hold on Bimo to stand on him with my hands stretched out wide as we crossed the finishing line(Hahah!)

On that very freaky Friday, I shocked Mom, I shocked the other racers, I shocked Bimo's previous owner, I shocked the crowd and the only two beings I didn't shock was Bimo and myself..