HORSE RACING: Bet of the day 29/12/2018

Date: 30/12

Time: 14:55

Track: Taunton

Horse to bet: Posh Trish

Odds: 1.9

In my betting strategy on horse racing I take into consideration the following variables:

A) Recent result

B) Jock

C) OR and RPR

D) Top Speed

BETTING FORECAST ON RACING POST: 5/6 Posh Trish, 5/1 Passing Call, 6/1 Indefatigable, 7/1 Oscar Rose, 12/1 Dissavril, 16/1 Cardigan Bay, 33/1 Oriental Flame

Race conditions: last results of Posh Trish:

26/dec/2018: 1°position

01/dec/2018: 1° position

08/nov/2018: 2° position

13/ott/2018: 1°position

12/apr/2018: 10°position

10/mar/2018: 3°position

OR Posh Trish:

136 second position

RPR Posh Trish:

142 first position


118 1°position


Or history: last results of Posh Trish:

12/apr/2018: 122

01/dec/2018: 132

26/dec/2018: 136

Today Or: 136