According to the Associated Press newspaper, Sunday, Victor Espinoza Bowlau Walker defeated the kidney after his driver's horse Ravi Dera horse race died on Sunday.

Bobby's horses finished the training course in Abu Dhabi and Espinaga. Training officials said that after a few minutes near Ryakik and nearby hospitals, he was in the field.

According to Espinosa's representative, Brian Beach, a 46-year-old passenger, found a piece of neck, shoulder and face on his face. Assabonosa asserts with coastal coasts the existence of paradoxes or other fractures.

Aspinoza expects full recovery, but it will be in all hospitals.

"Everything is good now, and we seem to have fled," Delic told Del Mar.

Doctors are hoping for a quick recovery, "Del Mar said in a statement to Del Mar.

Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi was four years old and was trained for Ping Crosby Stakes on Saturday.

Espinosa puts the US pharaoh into Triple Crown by 2015.