Horse Riding is the part of a recreational sport where horses are the main part of sports and the one riding the horse has to ride with his knowledge, skills, and coordination. Horses are used for sports as well as the means of transportation.

Back then in Nepal, Horses were the means of luxury for Royals and Thakurs as they used horses as the means of transportation. Now as well, Horses are means of transportation in rural areas of our countries especially in the Himalayas where access to the road is pretty hard.

Horses were also the warriors for our ancestors as it was used during the wars throughout. We also have a horse riding school in Narayanhiti Durbar Square which is now a Museum.

Horse Riding as a sport evolved around globally. They are used for racing and the betting system for the horse racing is massive. The economic growth through the betting process is remarkable as well as one grab audience throughout the game. We in our country as well can adapt it for our commercial purpose as well rather than just limiting it as a means of transportation.