On my knees, in a deep breath
Stretching my sleeves, I could feel the dirt
One portion at a time, I try to dust off my shirt
Not even with a dime, I'll try to think my self out of death
Seeking to heavens in prayer
That my sweet kiss shall return
Just like the betting odds of a punter
Those prayers caused a reunion
The stalls are wide open and the horses surge out
Whips crack, and jockeys curse mounts
For the beaten it is a day to try to forget
And the losing pass flutter down with regret
The racegoers travelled back home, fortunes spent
While the ladies plan for next year’s event
Yet I was strong, I was tough, I was relentless, I was gutsy, I was obsessed, I was passionate, I was dedicated
"I am an Equestrian".

I've heard about the racing dead but never got to see them in action. This time, I was in the race with them.

My name is Tad Jockey and I'm 24. I own a stable with 12 horses but my best of all was sweet kiss. It was a rainy Tuesday evening and I could here the horses neigh in discomfort. In haste, I zoomed off to the stable just to find sweet kiss missing. I stood there perplexed, looking at the door swing from left to right. Did she move out on her own or did someone take her? Tales on how the racing dead abducts the best of horses dawned on me and it was then I realised I was done for. Days passed and I did nothing else but pray to heavens for her return. On a fortnight Tuesday, here comes a horse running down the hill, heading towards the house. My hope rose above its normal level at that point in time as I watched the figure gallop down. My heart was greased with happiness as I felt the warm nature of sweet kiss. She's quite not the same but to be sure I wasn't hallucinating, I went on our acknowledgement routine. My hand was in the air and she went for them. Then I realised sweet kiss is back. She had to rest, I decided to make her feel welcomed.

On Friday, I decided to take a ride with her. The saddle and its bag were intact, sweet kiss looks fit and energetic, I was prepared to mount and race for the sun. Hieyaa!!! off we go. I held the rope firmly while she galloped steadily. She was faster than the lightening, this is extraordinary, I said yet felt interesting.


In a flashlight, we travelled through the speed force in another dimension. I was racing against the dead. That amount of speed, I've never seen before. I was ahead of the racers yet the finish line was not forthcoming. Yet we followed the light and headed for tomorrow.

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