video courtesy of NBC Sports on youtube

Yesterday was the 144th running of the Preakness Stakes and War Of Will was able to take home the win. However, the biggest story coming out of the race was the riderless run of Bodexpress. As the horses came out of the gate, Bodexpress bucked up and threw off his jockey as they made their way toward the first turn. While he did manage to stay close to the pack he took a wide angle in every turn and even managed to beat a few of the other horses that had jockeys. As they came down the stretch toward the finish an outrider rode out toward Bodexpress in an attempt to get him off the track but he clearly became scared and moved back into the center of the pack and ran all the way to the finish line. After the race was over they said he continued running and did another full lap around the track before an official was able to corral him and bring him back to his owner.

Bodexpress takes off toward turn 1 jockeyless

After the incident happened Bodexpress and Riderless horse were both trending on twitter as he picked up new fans who were wishing he would have won and didn't understand why he was disqualified and listed as Did Not Finish. It turns out you aren't allowed to run a horse without a jockey so while he finished ahead of a few horses on the track, officially he was listed as finishing dead last. Rounding out the top 4 after War Of Will were Everfast, Owendale, and Warriors Charge.