Since ancient times, I'm rooting for the club from my native city. At one time, by his youth, he went to the exit, punched even tees, drove one to Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk. Now I live in St. Petersburg, but I try to visit 4-5 matches per team for a year. This year Lada was expelled from the KHL, and we returned to the league under the VHL. I always got sick first of all for the city and the brand and naturally it absolutely will not stop my desire to visit the matches of my favorite team if possible.

This week in St. Petersburg is a tournament in memory of N. Drozdetsky with Lada and several good teams from the VHL, such as last season's finalists of the Petersburg Dynamo and Ska-Neva and others. The first Lada match in the tournament took place on August 14 against the Ska-Neva. I was a little sick, my friends from Togliatti, periodically go out with me to the matches from Petersburg. This time, on so to say home territory to miss the match, I had no right, and I really wanted to see the updated Lada. As a result, we gathered only three, but we tried to provide support to our beloved team.

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SPB on tour

In the arena of "hockey city" in St. Petersburg, I was the first time. The realization that we are returning to the small chambers of the VHL, with a grandstand, from the huge ice arenas, certainly oppresses us, but we have already experienced it before and now. The main thing to be with the team.

Warm up
Favorite team

With the start of the starting whistle, the ligaments resting in the offseason again earned full force. Special originality of the shiz did not differ, but the expectations corresponded to what they saw. Lada played a good hockey game and mutual understanding of players was happy. Not scored sure, despite the large amount of time in the majority and even 5 on 3, albeit not for long.

Playing 5 by 3

The reaction to the first goal scored by Lada was surprisingly calm, as if it should be so. Although I understood that the composition of Lada is far from stronger than the opponent. Naturally the pictures of joy were not removed, there was absolutely nothing to it. The first period Lada won and further the result was not so important. The remaining time of the match we had fun in the stands, tried to get the fans of the Neva, but the status of the friendly match did not allow him to turn into a show. Everything looked ordinary, and the second goal of Lada and the Neva's kembek. The match ended not in favor of Lada, but I was very pleased.

With the end of the match, we moved to the nearest bar to see the torment of Spartak in a match with PAOK. But this is a completely different story.

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The last two days have passed at work, but today Lada plays with an outsider of the  tournament Torpedo of Ust-Kamenogorsk. A visit is compulsory.