The Great One already visited KHL All-Star Game in 2010 and opened brand new Minsk-Arena in Belarus, where his roots from. This year another Belarusian #99 guy is getting tons of support in the All-Star voting.

Vyachesav Gretsky is a 22-year-old Dinamo Minsk rookie player. Grodno native plays in center, recorded six games with 0+0 points and -4 this year and... wears #99. Well, with his name he just haven't had another option.

By the way, Vyacheslav was born in the same area in Belarus (Grodno region) where grandfather of Wayne Gretzky used to live. Young player himself denies any cognation with Wayne Gretzky, but I think it's rather possible than no — the same not so large area they come from, the surname isn't so common here, so they can have a common relative deep back in time. And yes, the spelling — in Belarusian and Polish (both used in Grodno region for hundreds of years) it's the same for Gretsky and Gretzky.

Right now the KHL All-Star Game voting is open and fans helped Gretsky to climb the second place among forwards in Tarasov Division. This is how results looks like today:

A player with such a name on the roster at the All-Star Game will attract a lot of attention for sure and will be a great story. You can help Gretsky to take part in the KHL All-Star Weekend in January, too. Just vote HERE, he plays in the Tarasov Division.