When I was a kid, I used to play hockey. Not on ice. No, hockey was played in the streets or the alleys. We used orange balls and there was always the rich kid on the street who brought his net and goalie equipment.Then our moms would shout "dinner time!!", we'd drop our stuff and run to eat.

I also remember playing nhl94 on the Sega Genesis with my best friend. We always fought about who would choose the Montreal Canadiens. Pittsburgh was close second because of Mario. 

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We'd also collect cards then bring them to brag about that sweet rare Patrick Roy we got our that foil Gretzky. It was really a frenzy back in the days that I lost with time. Montreal stopped winning, the good players for diluted in the growing pool of teams. Québec sold their team, and this marked the end of a big rivalry in Canada.

The streets that used to be filled with kids playing became empty year after year...

I think I still got these cards lying around. If I ever find them, I'll make a post with some of them, but yeah, those were the days.