FHR appointed the head coach of the national team for the Beijing Olympics. The choice fell on a person who clearly does not pull the specified post. In particular, Alexey Zhamnov became the new head coach. What is known about him? The reaction of the Russian government, hockey functionaries and fans.

Alexey Zhamnov: what is known about the head coach of the Russian national hockey team

First of all, we must understand that this person worked as general manager in Spartak. Moreover, for many years in a row. In the 2018/19 season, he managed to work as an acting head coach. Now he is an advisor to the chairman of the supervisory board of Spartak. That is, again not in the main roles. True, he is in charge of the project of the academy.

Hockey functionaries' opinion

The council includes: Tretyak, Bure, Mikhailov, Kamensky and ..., oddly enough, Zhamnov. It turns out that if you are a member of the council, then the post of head coach can be obtained without merit and experience. Did he vote for himself?

Tretyak says that Alexey has experience working with different generations of players. Say, this will become the basis for future success. Since the NHLers will play for the national team (but this is questionable, the decision will be made until mid-January), we need a specialist who can work with them and find a common language. The fact that 60 percent of the team plays in the KHL is no longer taken into account.

Mikhailov points out that Zhamnov has experience of working and playing in the NHL. He understands very well that the squad will mainly include KHL players. But still, the emphasis is again on possible NHLers.

Zhamnov himself says that he could not refuse such an offer, since such luck occurs once in a lifetime.

Government opinion

Peskov commented on the situation with the appointment relatively calmly. He expressed the hope that the situation in hockey will not be worse than in football. It turns out that Putin, as it were, is not delighted with such a strange decision of the FHR leadership.

Everyone says that let him work at the Olympiad, then at the World Cup, and then we will evaluate the results.

The opinion of the fans

Here we see unity. Everyone says that the FHR decided to "merge" the Olympic Games, and after them the World Championship. They openly say that domestic Russian hockey was ruined by incomprehensible and thoughtless appointments. Many people became interested in the fact that in the FHR they smoke so interesting that they appoint an amateur to the post of head coach.

What can you say here? If we omit obscene language, then it turns out that there is nothing to say. Apparently, in the near future, national teams in various sports will be headed by bloggers, journalists, housekeepers, housewives, janitors, stokers and other "experts". Where it leads? The answer is simple. To the complete collapse of hockey in Russia. Now we are witnessing how Tretyak and Co. are destroying domestic hockey.