As the flowers bloom and the bees attempt to build nests outside my office, I make time to be sure to read as much as possible. It's been over a week since my last post and figured it was time to do another one. Usually I just personally curate and pick 4 posts to give 5 SCR each to right then but am changing it to being paid to the "cured" on pay out day because my poor eyeballs need a break. The new Scorum Delegate tool recently rolled out so it's been an interesting couple of days seeing how the community speaks with votes. It is all of our right to do so and that is a beautiful thing.

There is room for all on here in many peoples opinions. Some of us are focusing more on gaming and E-Sports while others promote and enjoy their passions. Keeping things fresh and interesting with more and more topics and sports added is how progress is made. Thank you all for your support.
Ahoy there Matey!

I enjoy reading and doing this initiative because for me if there is no mirth and fun then the desire to soldier onward diminishes. Without further verbosity, I am going to share a Fantastic Four selection that just seemed to individually speak to me. Wishing everyone smooth sailings this weekend and hopefully some fun gaming and wins!

First off is @Swolesome who is bringing in someone who has more Twitter Followers than Scorum has registered accounts. Video inside! WAY TO GO, TeamGood Family on the move to help move forward the Scorum ecosystem of awesomeness.

Promoting Scorum and the TeamGood Witness and Family at GDC, Congrats to Swolesome and the whole Cats in Mechs Crew!


2. Next up is ...

@z3ll has been a steadfast and consistent poster of the hearthstone world and what I like is not only his in depth analysis but the fact he just keeps a good attitude and produces no matter what the week is like. If you are into digital card gaming then he's one of the O.G.'s on it for sure.

For the Bettors, there are some updates detailed in a post that dropped by Fortuna. It goes into what all is being changed and stats of progress main thus far. May Lady Luck be with all of you who enjoy that aspect and side of Scorum!


May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Last but certainly not least is Zane Miller's trip into MLB history lane in another well done post for the Baseball fans out there. He posts a lot of intriguing and interesting facts and photos that showcase the history of one of America's most beloved sports. I look forward to reading more about American sports and am glad you are blazing the way. Cheers!


Please consider voting TG for a Witness that works hard to better the waters and grow together.

(all images are from Pixabay and looking forward to post more as the weather improves as does the lifting of my writer's block)