So, besides the fact there are a lot of glitches NOT BEING FIXED, MY OWN POST that I have every freaking right to post elsewhere is saying I get 25% .Are you joking?

That is MY work and your broken system is your responsibility. We still can't post pics in replies and can go on and on and maybe some of us will because if I don't get a full pay out on my own work that I WROTE and have every right to cross promote like HALF THE PLATFORM IS DOING, I'm out of patience

OH AND WHY IS THIS DAYS LATER? We're all whaling up on Sports Talk Social with immediate answers and fixes...........

If my language or anger bothers you then try giving out stuff outta giving a crap but I'm outta craps to give, Wonder if anyone else is getting screwed further with posting their own work even changed on another place which is their right as it is their intellectual property.