Greetings Earthlings and Scorumer's! It is the most favorite time of the week where we get to transfer pieces of Liquid SCR to those who participated and were marked in the "Bank of Axe" Initiative. Once again, @julienbh of WaveYourFlags Witness was my Co-Banker to spread joy across the ecosystem. You have Witness Votes, use them! Julien has been a tireless and humble worker for the platform and has done A LOT of good initiatives to benefit all of us. His Innovations include... Creator of BetBot, NotifyBot, and ScorumPower Chrome Extension. Also a witness @Waveyourflags

Inspirational quote from the interwebs, Pinterest I believe, given by a friend! Timing seems fitting :)

This round there were 13 slots and I'm throwing the 13th slot to @brandonk since Openledger screwed him outta some monies. In no particular order here is this rounds "Make it Rain" recipients...

1. peman85

2. Reverend Rum

3. mr-sarriball

4. Maximus

5. Hassan

6. jb

7. izge

8. rafia

9. Ervin Lemark

10. shaungerow

11. swolesome

12. askarju and 13. brandonk

the total payout was 299.30 with HALF of My payout going to you all and that amount being generously matched by Julienbh! I'm going to just round it up to an even 300 since he gave me 150 SCR for this. It's too bad it can't be higher but you all gotta get your hustle on to pump it up.....just sayin'! So each person gets 23 Liquid SCR. Be on the lookout later today for the transfers in your wallet.

Manually this takes a LOT of time to run so Upvotes and Support is Appreciated and Needed. Paying it Forward is an artform and hopefully many reinvest into the platform or have fun with the liquid!

Innovation and Collaboration for the Scorum Nation!