I think there is a story that will remind me of me in a small light. In my years, my cousin in the apartment, very cute, not far, my age, the height of a young person is aware of our height. As a person who grew up with two brothers and one male cousin. I'm starting to look at my new "ammaannn like me alive to live like this" when I'm strung. I'm looking for someone myself and I can not think that I caught my attention on the balcony I sit on, reading books, listening to music, to sleep briefly I love all kinds of activities. My only expectation from a huge home life on the balcony is that whatever he was after the first encounter I cut him off at me, I chat with friends, have a chat, have a drink, have lunch etc. We only know each other. I wasn't thinking about him.

On a June evening (diriiidiiiraaaaa) ... I'm sitting on the balcony again, I don't remember what I'm doing, but in the separate apartment. I saw a cardboard, she wrote down the phone number on the balcony, but she doesn't know my baby, baby, I've seen something, but I'm not sure. I immediately called the woman, and called my friend. Sounds like something like this. your friend came to us for a different reason. This time the group has not tarnished banner again, but the person next to me, read the writing in front of the number has grown, the number is not known. This time we wrote that we have given my number. A love began, kissing under the rain, being handled in silence, listening to all of us, do not open our independenceI wanted a son of a bitch to be in the movie. I have learned that this union is a real narrative, a combination of surprises and a real way of telling, never realizing what it's like to live in real work. Maybe in the first man's life. it will never be forgotten.

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