Hello dear fellowers, I do not spend much time reading the blog posts, especially the ones which brings you money as I believe that they are created at the moment when fake, false or covered  news are on the program. At those times I am dissapearing..

and than appearing with smiley face to anyone who ask what further..

So I created my wordpress site (likeabulb), twitter (biljanastojadi5), facebook page @healingremont 

 group called healing arts/umetnost lečenja where people would post their questions and where my server would provide answers, informations, instructions, anything you need. 

I am finding a money as an important factor for  the freedom, invetions, decissions...

I don't have any money, I am 24 old, I have been studying acting and finished one year, after i left it because i believed in some conspiracy theory against me and those thoughts drove me crazy, so i am returning back to sociology and books, focusing on myself, while conspiracy theory might still go on parallely with my work.. and there appear some sad smile. Because of money I forgot to laugh and took my life to much serious. Letting others to use me/abuse me and to let them finish their job, while i am being stuck in the chaos of my creaton.

So i forgot on the money and learned to live without it, i didnt lost my freedom; wishes, desires, dreams are somewhere there in the air and basic needs are satisfied. But what is there is misery and helplessness from not being able to earn and invest in my future.