After A year long Bear Market we had finally broke a bear trend and had gained traction
BTC hitting 4,000 mark for the first time in a year it appeared we had broken a bear trend
the overall market had added to achieve around 134 billion we had just move up to 4100 mark and we hit serious resistance at this level and what was about to happen next surprised a lot serious chart guys and traders who all pretty much thought we went bullish then when the volume was at its highest in weeks the other night we failed to break resistance a couple of times and all traders know what that means a downward move but I believe a Large holder or bots seeing the that it did not break the resistance and knowing a downward move was coming at 4100 they wanted to keep the gains and DUMPED ! at the top after two failed breakouts with good volume and you saw the market dropped in minute

where we are going now Key levels 4100 and 3500

Most of the serious chart guys i know think the market will trade sideways as today then either go back and retest 4100 again or go down to the 3500 level regain traction at that buy point and retest 4100 and we will see if we trade sideways for a few days first that would not surprise anybody even with bullish signs last week history shows from the past
it could take as long as to the third Qtr of this year to really see a total bull market take off I believe we will have are ups and downs in more sideways movement with maybe a move up to the 4100 to retest if the market was to continue up most serous traders know the 6000 Level will the stiffest resistance line in bit coin history to pass when we get there.