Hey Guys! My name is Dannyblinxx from Ghana.

When I first logged on, I thought I've lost my way in this scorum but thanks to @Kofpato for being by my side. This makes it clear that am a #newbie, but will take this time out to congratulate the scorumians and the developers for creating such an educative and a wonderful platform (scorum). Sports I know, is basically any form of athletic activity that make use of one's physical skills, mainly our psychomotor, which is in relation with our body and mind. Although I like soccer game and even bet on them. I would love to use this free opportunity given by scorum to air out my views and perceptions about other sports such as wrestling, tennis,baseball, handball, boxing (Fitness), all mighty soccer, and so on. Among these my favorite is handball and wrestling, for the wrestling, am yearning that one day we will have an arena here in Ghana too.

Actually, I don't know much into these games

But I know that the Brazilian boys are on top of the world in beach handball, that's just the least though but I know having scorumians all here backing me up with your love and support by helping me out with the monotonous activities. But one thing that I would like to share with scorumians is:

Never give up

Given up is never an option for a scorumian

Come to think of this,

Normal people can deal with normal situation

And only scorumians deal with hard times, and

Success awaits them in the future.

I hope I have introduced myself and scorumians will introduce themselves to me and for that I am welcomed in this honourable scorum community and I know that with you all scorumians support, my staying with scorum will be an extraordinary one