HyperSpace, another blockchain based social media platform, has released the beta version of the website.

According to the press release from Synereo, the major news, along with the beta tag, are:

  • personal notifications,
  • enhanced post page,
  • profile page,
  • links to users' profile pages,
  • metadata while sharing the post on social media,
  • new distributor role,
  • more expensive creation of your space,
  • beta is open to everybody while alpha was closed and invite only.

Let's take a look at some of these novelties.

Profile Page

Finally, you have a way to see what you've posted and amplified.

By choosing Posts or Amplification you switch between these two displays.

Very handy!

Next step -> provide vanity links, please. https://hyperspace.app/u/5c17b535ab000700064ccb6b is somewhat non-telling ...

Distributor Role

Look like a sort of affiliate system to me, introduced with this role:

Quoting Dor from Synereo:

Being a distributor means sharing a post outside of HyperSpace that motivates a new user to join HyperSpace - or the Space the post is in - and Amplify that post. The distributor earns 15% of this Amplification (7.5% if the user is only new to the Space) as well as a nice bump in User Power.

Note that you'll get this bonus only if you post these links outside of HyperSpace. Don't forget to hit the "Share" button at the top left of the post, where you'll find the link with your unique referral code.

Open Beta

Yes, you can join now. So go ahead and use the link of my profile to access the website.



These are divided into user and admin notifications.

Next step -> mentions, please.

To sum it - good work and constant progress, team HyperSpace.

Better and better