This one is going to be a bit harder than stuffing fruit into a shoe.

This is just a Pixabay image.

How to Participate

  1. Find a local athlete (in the local paper, someone you know, someone you grew up with, someone who comes from the same town).
  2. Write 500 words about who they are, their sports career (whatever they accomplished so far), where you see them going.
  3. Send them an email, pigeon, note, anything you want telling them they've been featured on Scorum (include the link to your post).
  4. Comment on your own post thanking them if they replied to you.
  5. Link your post in the comments here.


1 SCR per entry!

There is no top entry. This is a participaction contest.


  • One entry per person.
  • All entries must be unique.
  • No plagiarism (I'll know). Don't pad those 500 words with random crap. Make it pro.
  • The local athlete is NOT yourself.  

The local athlete doesn't have to be a renowned world champ. They just got to be someone's world champ, even if its just in their small world of friends and family.