The excitement is at its peak as we enter the grand finale of the round A where the ROI Lancelot would be announced based on the cumulative score of 3 weeks (9 fixtures). The war drums are beating louder hence some users are busy sharpening their betting instincts while the others seem to have surrendered to the will of the Zeus. Those who are leaving the battlegrounds should know that the cumulative score can slide in their favor in any of the weeks and they can still be victorious in the clash for the finest among all. However, the fixtures announced in this post for week 3 might serve as the last chance for them to have a shot at the title and the associated perks. But first, let us have a look at what happened in the dragon's arena of the dramatic 2nd week.

Scorum ROI Wars (, Dragons (Img. 1, Img. 2)

Summary of Selections & Results (Week 2):

As you may know that the fixtures selected for the week 2 contest were from the legendary English Premier League where almost all teams have the capability to turn the tables and so they did. Hammers were playing at the home ground against Everton and were expected to at least pull a draw so the warriors mostly selected the Home or Draw option and well we all know what happened in the match where Everton took an early lead and never let it go. The second one was between Burnley and Wolves and I believe if there is another such head-to-head fixture, all participants would still agree on backing the Wolves. Even though my subconscious was constantly convincing me otherwise that the Wolves terribly fail against weaker teams and only grab the league Titans, I still shook off the whispering. Perhaps, other users did the same which turned out to be a terrible idea and down went the troops. Third and the last fixture was Leicester vs Bournemouth and the selections again did not include the victorious Leicester thus knocking out all of us brutally.

Dragons of the ROI War (Week 2 Winners):

It might not be appropriate to analogize the current winners to dragons because their furious fire turned out to be fragile bubbles as all of them are standing with a terribly negative ROI. Nonetheless, they are still the winners owing to the fact that I mentioned above i.e. other users leaving the battlegrounds. This week’s reward (25 SCR) was supposed to be shared among the following three winners (8 SCR each), however, I would be excluded and the split would be a bit extra for the other two winners.

Dragons (winners) of the week 2

After 2 weeks, the total ROI of all the contestants can be found below. The competition is getting tougher among the top 3 and any mistake can prove to be fatal as the last week would decide the grand winner of this round so act fast and get your bets submitted.

Fixtures for the 3rd Week: (Italy Serie A)

This time we shall test our lucks on the fixtures from Italy Serie A. The fixtures not only include some exciting teams but Serie A is one of those leagues that are known to present the most fluctuating odds. I believe it would only increase the interest and the chances for the contestants at the bottom to find their way back to the top. (ROI Wars)

If you are feeling left out of the full round competition, do not worry, you can still grab the rewards allocated for the 3rd week.

Important Note/Request:

Please understand that this initiative is to engage more users in order to convert the bitter losses or sweet profits into more fun in addition to rewarding those who are actively using betscorum. This is also an opportunity to learn further about different leagues, their teams and about stakes management. Therefore, kindly take some time out to participate and let us build a better community for all of us.

For participation details, kindly check the introduction post. I understand that it is hectic for you to submit snapshots and trust me it is more exhausting for me to calculate all those ROIs for each user. We are trying our best and hopefully, from the next round, we shall have automatic participations and calculations.