Hello ROI warriors. First of all, I am really grateful for everyone’s strong support and participation in the initiative. I assume you are aware of the ROI Wars initiative, so in this post, we shall take a look at some of the interesting and creative ROI cards made by the participating members where you would get to vote for the best one. Next, the winner's announcement from the 1st-week fixtures, their rewards along with the selected games for the coming week and lastly, a small piece of information regarding the updates.

ROI Profiles & Best Warrior ID Reward:

A total of 7 contestants participated in the first week and placed their bets on the announced fixtures. They were very creative in making their ROI IDs and it was so much fun reading checking them out. Let me share those with you here and I have decided to add a reward (10 SCR) for the best ROI war profile. But, for that, I would need YOUR help.

  • In the comments section, please vote for the ID that you think deserves the best warrior ID reward. The comment tag can be found in the description for each ID. 
Comment "mini" to vote for minimining
Comment "dexworst" to vote for dexpartacus
Comment "tales" to vote for talesfrmthecrypt
Comment "Wave" to vote for waveyourflags (julienbh)
Comment 'Fraste' to vote for fraste
Just don't vote for bronco :p

Bow Down to the Winners of Week 1:

It was a combination of tricky fixtures from MLS for the first week and the results were also quite unexpected which made the competition interesting. The fighters tried their best with the predictions and some of them got pretty good results. There were some losers like me who completely forgot that the bet was required to be only on 1X2 options so I and Giornalista are disqualified from the 1st-week wars.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to the others.

I found a discrepancy between my understanding of the game and the smart or lucky move by broncofan99. As mentioned in my previous post, there was no upper limit for the stake as ROI was profit/stake but that could be valid if a uniform stake was placed on all of the fixtures. The total ROI in this game is a combination of the 3 results, and he staked 20 SCR on 1 bet which he won while placing 10 SCR on the other two. With the same number of bets won, broncofan99 got an edge by winning that higher staked bet, which could also go in negative. Because, it was not pre-defined therefore, I shall reward the winner with 15 SCR and 10 SCR each to the runner-ups.

Total = 35 SCR instead of 25 for this time only.

Please know, that from next time a non-uniform stake would be valid and entertained as I believe that would only make the contest more interesting. Don’t worry, the war has just begun and there is much more to catch.

Fixtures for Round A, Week 2 (English Premier League)

Premier league is up and what better fixtures can we find to have a clash on. Following, are the selected ones with a tougher round this time.

Participation Method Updates:

Thanks to @waveyourflag (julienbh) that he is helping configure the discord betting bot to fetch the ROIs of some specific games. Any time in the near future, we shall be able to get rid of snapshots but the bot is still in testing phase. Therefore, currently the method of participation would be the same as mentioned in the previous ROI Wars Intro post.

Grab a bet and get into the ROI Wars, what are you waiting for?