Greetings guys, it has been a long time since I put pen to paper here, it's not that I really want to abandon my blog, trust me, I'm a very passionate person, and when I put my mind on some things, I hardly give up, I'll even say given up is never an option in my lifestyle.

Don't let the title of this post deceive you, at this junction; I believe you as a person know what is right and what is not correct. Merely looking at the white paper of the platform I think one must be able to see for himself that scorum is worth staying.

Allow me to be childish here, “I love You Scorum, And I Missed Not Been Active Here,” although my inactive is due to some personal stuff which 80% is due to school activities right now I wanna believe I am back.

I won't be able to mention all names, but you should know I missed you in particular too.

On the last note, we are the beauty of the community, scorum community can be more substantial if we all want it, and I believe for our sake, we should all want it, so a piece of advice is that, don't be discouraged with the current state of things, motivate yourself and have something good done on the platform.

The end is always sweeter if the beginning is planned for well, the opening is now, think creatively and be innovative without being afraid to try new stuff.

I'm sure scorum will put a smile on our face one day.

I'm @honourmaus

Sorum Partner