Building a brand together – How to optimize LinkedIn marketing exposure

It’s time for me to step up to the plate by doing my part to help Scorum thrive. Today I’m walking you through a best practice guide for marketing the Scorum brand on LinkedIn. My hope is that this will be the first of a multi-part guide in how we (the community) can help build brand awareness of Scorum on social media.

If you are well versed on other platforms (YT, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Insta) and would like to write a post for those platforms, PLEASE do so. I’m not active on all platforms and have little exposure on my private accounts. Please let this post encourage you to share your knowledge with the community as I am today.

Now let’s get stuck in.

Why LinkedIn

Let me begin by quickly touching on why this is important. Other than the obvious benefit of brand exposure, why LinkedIn and why are these the best practices?

First, unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a primary bend towards career and professional development. Thus, you will find a higher concentration of entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, investors, and recruiters, many of whom are looking for new opportunities. Meaning for Scorum, there is an abundance of untapped wealth on LinkedIN.

Although the active audience of LinkedIn is smaller compared to other sites, the concentration of relevant users who we would like to engage is higher. Expanding our exposure on LinkedIn will ideally produce more content creators and investors—as well as potential advertisers and sponsors. I myself, with what the little outreach I have on LinkedIn, have been contact by several people inquiring about Scorum and different opportunities with the platform.

I think with your help we can really increase our exposure on the site dramatically.

Reaching the Right Audience

Understand, our goal is not to reach every single person. What we want is to reach the right people, and to do that, we need to build and populate the most beneficial audience. We will do that by using LinkedIn’s relatively new hashtags/communities.

From your LinkedIn Homepage, you will see a “Discover More” on the bottom left side of the screen under your tab for communities and followed hashtags. If you are like me, you have paid little attention to this feature until now.

By clicking on “Discover More” you will see a page displaying all the most popular followed hashtags. Our goal is to strategically target some for those hashtags and populate them with Scorum content and users.

It is not beneficial to randomly attach whatever hashtags you can think of for your post like I previously did. We want to build audience around a specific tag.

Consider the topic of your Scorum post and connect it with high trending popular hashtags. Remember Scorum is a innovative blockchain platform, so popular tags such as #technology #investing and #innovation all apply. Those high-ranking tags should have some Scorum content associated with them.

Here’s How

  • Locate relevant hashtags for Scorum and the content that you will be sharing (keep a list of this for easy referral later). 
  • Join/Follow those specific hashtags/communities
  • Post your own content or share others while using those appropriate hashtags
  • Include #scorum with all your posts
  • Search the hashtags you are using, like and comment on other’s post who used the same tag
  • Like, like, like. We want to use the LinedIn algorithm to our advantage. Like you own posts, your own comments, like re-shares, respond to EVERYTHING.

A quick comment about liking posts on social media: you should be liking everyone’s posts that involve Scorum. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s a free vote that can help massively expand Scorum’s influence.

There is a huge difference between the digital outreach of a post with 1 like on it compared to a post with 10 likes. This is true across all social media platforms. You never know that liking/sharing a post will do for someone. It could be all it takes to expose Scorum to the right individuals.

Additionally, by liking, commenting, and sharing each other’s posts containing the relevant hashtage, it pushes that post higher up in users LinkedIn timeline, exposing more and more relevant people to Scorum.

Example of focused hashtag use:

You can see me sharing @Pete's new post. I used #crypto and #blockchain within the body of the text--with #technology, #innovation and #investing hidden at the end, knowing the last three tags are extremely popular (these are the targeted tags).

Now I will search those three tags and begin liking/commenting on posts that contain those same tags.

Joining the Scorum Career Page

Another must for anyone with a LinkedIn account (if you are a freelance and don’t have an account, you should) is to join the Scorum Career Page. By joining the Scorum Team page, and listing yourself as a content creator, curator, or investor (or whatever is appropriate for you) it will increase the active “employees” for the company. In turn this will expand our base on the site and attract interested parties.

Another benefit of joining the Scorum Team LinkedIn page is that it easily connects you with everyone else who has joined it, instantly putting you in contact with all the other users on the site.

Building Our Connections

It should go without saying that you should be connecting and following anyone who is associated with Scorum. We need to connect with each other as much as we can, building engagement across relevant hashtags and the company’s page.

Connect with each other, join relevant LinkedIn groups, like, share, and comment on each other’s posts. Like your own posts, your own comments. It all helps with the algorithm. We want as much engagement on each post as much as possible.

It doesn't take much engagement to drive a post up in the timeline. With everyone's help, we can get SO MUCH free advertising and exposure with just a few clicks.


Before closing things down for the day, I want to give a quick shout out to the guys over at Promo.SCR and everyone working for the Scorum-Italia project. As the saying goes: money walks and bullshit talks.

The promo.scr program is to provide liquid SCR rewards for sharing your posts (or others) on social media. This incentive is the exact project we needed to help Scorum grow, and this post was inspired by their work.

So a big thank you to promo.scr and Scorum-Italia.

This post was shared on LinkedIn & Twitter in conjunction with promo.scr


~~see you in the comments~~