That's just a cool hashtag - and the actual name of the channel on my discord server.

Hello all,

I'm currently working on a distinct project than BetBot. It will be a Scorum Notification Bot. This will help us all keep track of Scorum friends and people we care about right here. The first step for this bot was to track all activities on the blockchain.

The possibilities are pretty much limitless after that. Want to know when people bet on that specific match, or when your bet is matched by another user? Want to know when your buddy posts? Want to know if someone votes or un-votes your witness node? The question is what can't you do!


Right now the project is very very alpha. No notification registration for now, but on my discord, you can see all the posts and comments being made in real-time. Soon I'll be able to post bets too. Then the rest is up to you guys, tell me if the project is interesting and what you would like to build on top of it. We already have notifications on Scorum, but probably not all the ones you want.

What do you think?

Discord Link for the lazy.