It's been so long since I've posted the last article here on this platform, I've been planning to come up with some other exciting sports posts but here but come with this today while I scrolling some my news feed on Facebook, I saw about this sports analytics challenge. When I clicked the link I found, the French Giant Paris Saint Germain and Ecole Polytechnique university have combined to organize this contest with a hope to discover the great data scientists. I, as a software developer, has done a few projects on data analytics but I don't think the knowledge I have will be sufficient to take part in this competition.

I first thought whether it's good to put the post like this here on this platform? But, since it's related with the sport and technology and the fact many data analyst, as well as programmers, are actively posting the blogs about match prediction with the model they have made, I decided to inform all of them about all of them with this post. Remember this is not an advertisement or promotion act.

What's the challenge?

It will be an individual contest, so it'll not be a team competition. Each participant will get the learning database which consists of the F24 Opta files, which contents all the information of all events of all games of the first-half season of Ligue 1 season, 2016-17.
Your task will be creating a prediction model using Python or R which can predict the event of 15 minutes of any match of the second half of the season. For more detail about challenge rules follow the link here.


There are still 19 days left for the deadline of the contest participation, so if you think this contest is for you, go and grab the opportunity. The final of the contest will be on May 21, 2019, where the top5 finalist will get the chance to show output at home stadium of Paris Saint Germain. For detailed info about the contest, click on this link: