Whole disabilities scientist Stephen Hocking surprised the world, but another 12-year-old baby has recently attracted the attention of the whole world.

According to British news, 12-year-old Jonathan Bran's 12-year-old Gusterist Shire born in southwest England is mentally and physically disable. Because of which he can not speak something innocent or not. Her parents support the gestures to understand and understand them. When parents of Jantran was advised with specialist education, everyone replied that Jonathan would face difficulty in school education and no one Reading will not be able to write.

Jonathan's mother, Shentle Branan, kept her courage instead of being a psychiatrist and took her son to take a school for a few hours so he could be able to read and write. At the age of 9, Jonathan learned to spell and help e-tan frame I also wrote the book.

The e-tan frame is a special type of transparent plastic board, with characters based on color coding system. People can talk through it and communicate with the hands of people with the help of gestures, they can communicate with the characters separately. Jonathan also started talking with the same method, and with the help of eyes, the book "Wright Can I" Write it. In the book Jonathan has written about his life and struggle.

Jonathan talked to the local media, saying, "I am a voice that does not sound for them. People will be able to see the world and myself by reading my book, and people will also know how strong my trust is on my God. "

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